The Indonesian Christian Church Theological College of Indonesia Sihabonghabong


Having a higher education is something that most people desire. But sometimes what is expected cannot be realized because they feel that they cannot afford to continue to higher education because they see insufficient financial factors and so on.

The Indonesian Luther Christian Church Theology College (STT-GKLI) is an institution consisting of 2 Study Programs namely:

1) Theology

2) Christian Religion Education (PAK)

Indonesian Luther Christian Church College, Accredited by BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board - Higher Education) and recognized both domestically and internationally. In addition STT-GKLI also provides scholarships for the underprivileged so that it helps students with scholarships.

Facilities and infrastructure are adequate, starting from: Library Book, Study Room, Office of Lecturer, Living Room, Hall, Canteen, WiFi, Sports Equipment and others. with all the infrastructures possessed by STT-GKLI can train and develop a Fearful Spirituality of God, mental spiritual, their knowledge and have good potential.

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